Our SaaS platform promotes precision agriculture by providing tools that give you unprecedented control over your cultivation process.

Cultiware SaaS Platform

This platform is designed to manage all processes and can readily integrate with other enterprise systems. It gives you the means to act in advance rather than merely react to situations as they arise. It will help you improve methodologies, enhance data acquisition, and confidently make data-driven decisions.

Cultivation Planning

With our Master Production Schedule, a clear cultivation schedule is at your fingertips. Simplify and streamline your entire operation by having your entire production schedule clearly mapped out, right down to individual work orders.

Methods Planning

A successful cultivation cycle is the result of many detailed activities combining to create a preferred grow method. This idea is at the heart of Cultiware as we track method performance and statistics to create a system of continuous improvement. Specific grow methods are mixed and matched to help optimize the crop’s potential, every time.

Labor Planning

Remove the guesswork and time-drain out of planning with our skill-based scheduling. Cultiware pairs employee skills with the specific responsibilities that they’re qualified to manage and ensures only trained personnel perform key tasks. As well, our auto-scheduler directs people based on their skills, teams and past assignments.

Benchmark Planning (KPIs)

Our KPI dashboard displays the most relevant metrics in real time while our proprietary algorithms identify outliers and trends. Cultiware is configured to warn you about changes that may indicate issues of concern before they become a problem.

Data Acquisition

Data should deliver value and our data capture framework has a direct impact on grow method. By bringing these capabilities down to the production floor Cultiware not only improves the quality of data captured, but it can quickly identify anomalies and highlight KPIs.


Cultiware’s interoperability allows you to access a deeper level of analysis and derive unique insights by tapping into multiple systems. Whether simply eliminating duplicate data entries or correlating data from across different systems, you have a more thorough understanding of current circumstances and are even alerted to pending risks. Cultiware also includes an open application programming interface (API) that can be utilized for downstream integrations.

Advanced Data Processing

Clear the clutter and zero in on the most relevant information. By continuously refining and implementing algorithms that will clarify situational analysis, the Cultiware team helps you make critical, timely decisions around your cultivation.

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